Hello all, a great day today as we completed day 1 of shooting our 3rd DVD. This DVD will focus on embellishment of wood turnings. Brian will take us through 4 projects from start to finish which include 2 pyography projects and 2 airbrushing projects which will also incorporate some piercing. The wood burning projects focus on a feather and a walrus, the airbrushing projects will be of a ribbon vase and one of an airbrushed penguin. The latter project will also look at texturing the wood before airbrushing.


We have decided on our next topic for our email newsletter coming soon. Brian McEvoy and I will be composing the next newsletter topic to be a partner to our 2pc Hollow Form DVD and will provide a text version of how to turn 2pc Hollow Forms. These hollow forms are easy to do and can be done on most any size Lathe. When done well they will amaze even seasoned wood turners as to “how’d you do that?”. So you can look forward to the newsletter. Not subscribed? Just drop me an email and we will add you to our list of email newsletter recipients totaling about 5000 subscribers.

Deep Vessel Boring

At long last we have placed an order for the Deep Vessel Boring Bar equipment from China. We started this R&D before Christmas and include a trip to China to find a manufacturer and develop plans and prototypes. We received a prototype a week or so ago and with a few minor modifications we have been able to come to an agreement with our manufacturer. The order has been placed and we have ordered the Deep Vessel Boring Bar system featured in our DVD, Brian McEvoy's Matering the Captive Boring Bar. We should have product here and ready for sale by the end of August 2010.

Newsletter Issue#2 The "Lathest" News

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Butterdome Craft Show December 2010

Great news! I have been accepted to participate in the Edmonton Alberta Butterdome Craft Show in December 2010. We will have a 10' X 20" double corner booth and are keen to meet you. We will have all our products avaiable for sale and will also take custom engraving our custom wood work orders. Hope to see you there!

Boring Bar Prototype Arrived!

Our latest prototype arrived from China yesterday. After months of negotiations and discussions I believe we are almost there! Overall not only does the Boring Bar Set come in a distinctive color it looks really good. We have it at the photographer today to take some photos and tomorrow I will test it on the lathe. Brian and I are very optimistic that we will have product in North America for sale by the fall of this year. Stay tuned!

New On Line Store

Things have really been busy at Langer Craftworks. Along with Brian McEvoy we have launched a new Newsletter series that will feature Tips and Tricks on wood turning. We have just sent our issue #2 and hope this will be a regular feature and will have archives available on this website.

We are also about (with our crack WebDeveloper Mr. Dan Herrick's help) to launch an ecomerce section on the LangerCraftworks site so you can order product right on line. We are selling lots of DVDs and will soon have Deep Vessel Boring Bars and a new Drive available for purchase.


Well our New DVDs have been released and are doing well considering we have not done a great job providing an easy way for our customers to purchase them. We will have our e-comerce site up and running soon which we hope will translate into more sales. Thanks to those who have purchased DVDs. If you want to purchase one or both just drop me an email at or give me a call at 780-433-9614. We will ship you your purchase within a day or so.
thanks, Gord.

Easter Update

Just a quick note to let you all know I am really going to update my blog on a regular basis and hope you all chime in with comments and suggestions.

We have just recently released our first 2 "how-to" DVDs. Check the trailers out and if you like them we can ship them immediatly now that they are in stock.

Brian and I were in China to source a manufacturer to build our Elio Drives, Boring Bars, Tool Rest and Stand. Stay tuned we should have them instock and available for shipping in Mid July of 2010.

Take care, Gord.

Welcome to LangerCraftworks

Welcome to Langercraftworks blog, while I am new to “Blogging” I look forward to interactions with you our valued customers and fellow wood workers and friends.

Our business model is built on a foundation of customer service and quality products and services, we have a great ability to provide a “one-stop-shop” for unique , handmade, quality products for you. If you have an idea for that special personalized custom gift and need help in designing and ultimately manufacturing it, give me a call or an email as we really like a challenge.


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